Huntingdonshire Society for the Blind.

Registered Charity No. 202573.
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Diary / Upcoming Events

The Society keeps a busy calender. The following are dates of social, fundraising and other activities for your information;

13-Nov-2019   Fundraising Coffee Morning 10am - 1pm All Saints Church Huntingdon.
20-Nov-2019   St Ives Group, Goods for Sale, 2-4pm, Methodist Church Hall
25-Nov-2019   Huntingdon Group, Goods for Sale, 2-4pm, Great Stukeley Village Hall
04-Dec-2019   Walking Group - Alconbury Weald, 10am meet
10-Dec-2019   Hunts Blind Christmas party, Wood Green Godmanchester, 12 - 3pm
13-Dec-2019   Bucket Collection, Morrison's St Ives, 10 -4 pm
13-Jan-2020   St Neots Group - Sing-along-with-Leslie, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
20-Jan-2020   Ramsey Group - Sing-along-with-Leslie, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
22-Jan-2020   St Ives Group - Sing-along-with-Leslie, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
27-Jan-2020   Huntingdon Group - Quiz, Stukeley Village Hall, 2-4pm
03-Feb-2020   St Neots Group - Quiz or Bobby Scheme Talk - TBC, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
17-Feb-2020   Ramsey Group - Quiz, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
19-Feb-2020   St Ives Group - Quiz, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
24-Feb-2020   Huntingdon Group - Sing-along-with-Leslie, Stukeley Village Hall,2-4pm
02-Mar-2020   St Neots Group - Lunch Out - TBC, 12-2pm
09-Mar-2020   Ramsey Group - Lunch out TBC, 12-2pm
18-Mar-2020   St Ives Group - Lunch, Johnson Steak House, 12-2pm
30-Mar-2020   Huntingdon Group - Lunch out, TBC, 12-2pm
06-Apr-2020   St Neots Group - Macular Society Talk, Eyensbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
06-Apr-2020   Ramsey Group - Fun and Games, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
15-Apr-2020   St Ives Group - Farm Foods Talk, St Ives Methodist Church, 2-4pm
27-Apr-2020   Huntingdon Group - Upward Ukuleles, Stukeley Village Hall, 2-4pm
04-May-2020   St Neots Group - Upward Ukuleles, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
11-May-2020   Ramsey Group - Up Ukeleles, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
18-May-2020   Huntingdon Group - Fun and Games, Stukeley Village Hall, 2-4pm
20-May-2020   St Ives Group - Upward Ukuleles, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
01-Jun-2020   St Neots Group - Strawberry Teas and Farm Foods Talk, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
08-Jun-2020   Ramsey Group - Strawberry Teas, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
17-Jun-2020   St Ives Group - Strawberry Teas and Macular Society talk, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
29-Jun-2020   Huntingdon Group -Macular Society Talk and Strawberry Teas, Stukeley Village Hall, 2-4pm
06-Jul-2020   St Neots Group - Bobby Scheme Talk or Quiz TBC, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
15-Jul-2020   St Ives Group - Bobby Scheme Talk, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
20-Jul-2020   Ramsey Group - TBC
27-Jul-2020   Huntingdon Group - Bobby Scheme Talk, Stukeley Village Hall, 2-4pm
03-Aug-2020   St Neots Group - Music by Ray Carter, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
10-Aug-2020   Ramsey Group - Music by Ray Carter, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
19-Aug-2020   St Ives Group - Music by Ray Carter, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
24-Aug-2020   Huntingdon Group - Music by Ray Carter, Stukeley Village Hall, 2-4pm
08-Sep-2020   St Neots Group - Carriages
15-Sep-2020   Ramsey Group - Carriages
16-Sep-2020   St Ives Group - Carriages
28-Sep-2020   Huntingdon Group - Carriages
05-Oct-2020   St Neots Group - Lunch Out TBC, 12-2pm
12-Oct-2020   Ramsey Group - Bowling, Pidley, 2-4pm
21-Oct-2020   St Ives Group - Bowling, One Leisure St Ives, 2-4pm
26-Oct-2020   Huntingdon Group - Bowling, Pidley, 2-4pm
02-Nov-2020   St Neots Group - Goods for Sale, Eynesbury Methodist Church, 2-4pm
09-Nov-2020   Ramsey Group - Goods for Sale, Bury Village Hall, 2-4pm
18-Nov-2020   St Ives Group - Goods for Sale, St Ives Methodist Church Hall, 2-4pm
30-Nov-2020   Huntingdon Group -Goods for Sale, 2-4pm