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Rogue Trading

Scam Alert sign
Scam Alert sign

Here is some advice from Trading Standards concerning Rogue trading.

Rogue trading ranges from inadequate quality work and high-pressure sales to targeting the elderly and vulnerable on a daily basis, often demanding large amounts of money by threats and intimidation sometimes without even doing any work.

How rogue traders operate.

  • Cold call at the doorstep offering services such as gutter cleaning, gardening, house maintenance, jet washing, driveway, paving etc.
  • Befriend the homeowner by various means (e.g. claim to have been before or claim they are working up the street).
  • Start with small jobs such as cleaning the gutters for £15 and then claim further work is needed (which they will not quote for), then demand thousands, often for no or very little work.
  • Make fraudulent claims e.g. claim moss on a roof causes damage and needs to be washed off, painting a roof is necessary to protect it etc.
  • Return again and again to vulnerable victims demanding further payment for bogus reasons.
  • Use intimidation to extort money and often take the homeowner to a bank or cashpoint to withdraw cash.

Citizens advice urge you to contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline: 0808 223 1133 in relation to any suspected rogue trader incidents or suspicious activities.

If rogue traders are still at your property, please call the police on 999.


Avoiding rogue traders

  • Get a security chain fixed to your door and use it when answering.
  • Check the identity of the caller by asking to see an ID card and checking the telephone number in your own directory.
  • Consider if you really need the work done – shop around for the best deal, or use a trader recommended to you (get three quotes to make sure you are being quoted a fair price). Call Trading Standards Approved Trader scheme on 080822311 or Safe local trades 08000141832.
  • Insist that you are given the quote in writing.
  • Ask the caller to leave you with information to study at your leisure.
  • Don’t let them into your home (no matter how friendly they seem) and don’t be tempted by ‘today only’ offers (this is pressure selling).
  • The best protection is NEVER deal with uninvited doorstep traders.